Graduate students in the Division for Late Medieval and Reformation Studies receive their degrees in History. For general achievement outcomes, please refer to the Graduate Program page of the Department of History.


In addition to the requirements of the graduate program in History, you must fulfill the following for your degree in Early Modern European History:

  • Additional coursework: Division students attend History 696F (Early Modern Europe) every semester
  • Reading knowledge of three languages for PhD students

Before you embark on long-term archival research in Europe, you complete:

  • paleography studies and courses
  • language courses, e.g. summer courses of the Goethe Institute in Germany
  • exploratory trips to the relevant archives (for which some financial assistance is available through the Division and the Department of History)


Division students have been successful in applying for major grants to conduct archival research in Europe. Among many others, Division students have been awarded Fulbright, DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service), Mellon, Chateaubriand, and Leibniz Institute of European History (Mainz, Germany) fellowships.