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In the fourteenth century the great Plague, as well as the great awakening of the Renaissance, swept through Europe, with repercussions in all spheres of life—from art to architecture.

In the fifteenth century, the existing structures of authority were tested by the emergence of parliamentary representation in both Church and Society.

In the sixteenth century, new worlds were discovered, overseas and in the Scriptures.

Together these developments changed the face of Europe dramatically. The purpose of the Division for Late Medieval and Reformation Studies at the University of Arizona is to examine this accumulation of factors and forces.

Founded by Professor Heiko A. Oberman, one of the foremost Reformation scholars in the world, and now under the Directorship of Professor Ute Lotz-Heumann, the Division has become an education program of singular excellence providing students with a program of rigorous scholarship and the Tucson community with intellectual feasts.  Additionally, the Division has established close ties with an international network of scholars and centers of research in order to facilitate an exchange of learning and information throughout the world.

Numerous community lecture series and evenings with world-acclaimed guest speakers are planned to extend the circle of those who associate with the Division beyond the students and staff to anyone wishing to stay abreast of the important work being conducted within and beyond the walls of this establishment.

Financial contributions are used to support the research and travel of our students who are dedicated to becoming outstanding teachers and researchers in their field.

Current funding opportunities include:

-  The Reformation Studies Fund.
-  The Oberman Chair Endowment Fund to support a professorial chair in late medieval and Reformation history.
-  The Ora DeConcini Martin and Morris Martin General Endowment Fund for graduate development and archival research.
-  The Oberman-Reesink Fund for graduate Latin and foreign-language study.


To find out more about how to become part of this educational effort, please contact Program Coordinator, Luise Betterton, at the Division, or (520) 626-5448. The full amount of all donations is tax deductible.

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